Shenzhen Jincanhua Industry Co. Ltd. Was found in 1999, Which is located in Overseas Tower,a prosperous district in Shenzhen, China, covering an area more than 2500 square meters. We have constructed clear room class 100,000, which consists of mold workshop, silk-screen plant, and assemble plant etc.Our mostly of investigation and exploitation and production biology、curative、scientific research and laboratory plastic, Our products include multiple well plate, luminescence plate,microorganism、gene chip、 drug sensitivity test plate, PCR plate, rapid test plastic card, reagent bottle and drug bottle, laboratory and proof-test use expendable etc.

  Technique: Our company has equipped with advanced import equipments and professional staffs. Moreover our professional engineer in product and mould design and manufacture moulds according to requirement of customer. Quality management: We always comply with"customers is paramount to all others, all employees join in quality, persist bettermenthanker excellence."as our tenet, and demand all the employees promote"Create the best quality with the determination that good work must be done in one time."Our company has established perfect manufacture management system and quality management system,which is built up by professional quality inspectors and sufficient inspection equipments. Moreover we have established high- standard laboratories and microbiology laboratories.

  Our main customers: Our overseas main customers consist of Alfa (USA), E-Y LTD CO.,BIN/SD(Korea), IND(Canada), Taiwan Advance BIO-Pharm INC, etc. China main customers consist of more than 200 biology reagent Co., science graduate school and biology products graduate school.

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