Product Assort
flat bottle Plastic pipette
A1 plane mouth bottle
A2 plane mouth bottle
A3 plane mouth bottle
A4 plane mouth bottle
A5 plane mouth bottle
Revolving trickle bottle
1ml trickling bottle
Cultivate tube
Turnover lid trickle bottle
Microcentrifuge tubes
Serum tube Micro plate
Centrifuge tube
Feces sampling tube
High-transparency plastic tube
Filtrate Tube
Piptte tips
Reagent reservoir
Sample collection cups
Reaction cup
Test paper container (black)
Test paper canister
Five-in-one test device
Ten-linked test device
Single test container
Three-six test device
Plastic card for gold labelled test
Long plastic card
96 shallow/deep well plate
PCR 96 well plate with cap
PCR plate  384 Micro plate
Cell culture plate
Culture plate
U bottom culture plate
Drug sensitivity test plate
96 well Blood storage plate
Luminescence test plate


........1ml trickling-bottle
....Movable trickling-bottle is made mainly in polyethylene, while cap is made mainly in polypropylene. Bottle is transparency, and cap is red. In order to make it more airtight, We have especially designed bevelpressurize ring inside of the lid. Screw the cap with the lid onto the bottle, and snap the lid handle, then drip the liquid out.
  • Even dripping volume.
  • Even in body thickness. Good elasticity. Easy operate.
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